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We are Jo and Andy and we share a love of cats and cat breeding. We have been happily owned by cats since 2000 when we first adopted Kahlan and Fudge two Seal Point Birmans. When we moved house in 2005 we decided we had enough space to adopt a couple more and maybe start cat breeding as a hobby. In 2002 we had seen a magazine article on Siberians when they were first imported into the UK. We visited a Cat Show November 2005 where we met this wonderful breed and fell in love. It was then we decided they were the breed for us and in December 2005 we adopted our first Siberians Anuta and Willow. After having 2 wonderful litters of Siberians we decided to adopt our first Siberian from Russia and this was when Cimus joined our family. Over the years we have adopted a few more Siberians from the UK, Holland and as far away as America. Over the years we have shown our Siberians and have had a lot of success from BEST Siberian Kitten and Cat in Western Europe (2009-2010) with Regional Winner Champion Alexandrite Hendrix and International Winner Supreme Grand Champion Cooncreole Paavo and recently BEST Siberian Alter in Western Europe and the World (2011-2012) with Supreme Grand Champion Alter Alexandrite Akiro.

During one of our many visits to shows and showing we were introduced to another breed the American Curl and again we fell in love, with their look and kooky nature. It was at the beginning of 2011 we adopted Nog and later in the year Pepper. It was through Nog and his fantastic fun loving nature that made us come up with Nogs Cat Shop. This is where we get to share what Nog loves and products we use or have found useful during our many years of being owned by cats or as we think of them our furry family. In the future we are hoping for more inspired Nog enterprises…



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