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American Curls

I saw my first American Curl at a TICA show a couple of years ago and I immediately fell in love with their cute faces and distinctive ears. I wanted to find out more, so I carried out some research and found out that they have a sweet nature to match their cute look. Unfortunately it was around the time I lost my beloved Birman Kahlan, so I waited awhile but I was a frequent visitor to the website Overear American Curl’s bred by Claire Winman here in the UK and that’s when I first saw Overear ChampagneBubbles, known to everyone as Nog!

It was Claire who first introduced me to this lovely breed. And I can’t thank her enough. I was so excited the day I found out Nog was going to be joining our family and couldn’t wait to meet him.

Nog is my first American Curl and he couldn’t have been a better advocate for the breed. From that very first moment I met him and we brought him home, and I opened his travel bag and he reached up with his front paws to be cuddled. My heart filled with love for him.

He is now 14 months old and growing into a very handsome Cream and White. Claire picked his name which is a Christmas theme his brother was called “Egg” and I just thought it suited him so we kept it.

He is loveable, playful, funny and very mischievous. He greets me in the morning when I get up and when I come home at night. Curl’s have a very distinctive meow, really more of a shout! And he likes to shout “hello” when I come home from work or when he is looking for me in the house.

In an evening he can usually be found curled up on my knee. When I am not there he will be curled up with one of his friends or sleeping in a box when he isn’t taking it apart!

Nog will play with any toy but one of his favourites is a small piece of rolled up paper. He only likes to go out to play in our enclosed garden when it is sunny and warm. Nog gets on fabulously with our Birman Fudge and his Siberian friends. He fitted in so well we decided to get another Curl!

So we now have Nog and Pepper, who is a Black and White female. Nog wasn’t too happy when Pepper first joined us but after a week or so he came around to the idea and now we have double the mischief and daily funny antics. If there is mischief happening in our house usually Nog or Pepper are in the middle of it, quite often both of them. Now they both share my knee at night and Pepper gives me kisses.

If you want a breed which is sociable, playful, loving and a great companion, then an American Curl is the breed for you.



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