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Litter Trays

This litter tray is great if you haven’t got the space for a covered tray. We also use this with the kittens during weaning.

Because Nog likes to dig to the centre of the earth in the litter tray we have found these help keep the hallway free from Litter! This one is in grey so will fit with most décor.

They also come in a range of colours, for the girls, delicate pink…

And for the boys, of course blue…

For the bigger breed of cats, ie Maine Coons or Siberians there is a Jumbo size one too, with a stylish tiger print top!

And for a top of the range litter tray, we have tried the Bionaire Odour Removing Litter Tray. It has a concealed fan in the top of the litter tray, which removes those unwanted smells. And it is deep so it keeps the litter in, even when Noggy uses it!


We recommend Catsan Smart Pack (2Pk) for one cat on their own, they last around a week and help locking in the smells with the absorbent liner. We also use these when we stay overnight at a hotel when showing our Siberians.

We often use Catsan Hygiene and recommend it for one or two cats as it isn’t dusty and doesn’t track as much as others.



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